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Yesterday one of my newest friends passed away Tony Rose aka Stero Dan. I have known Rosey as he was affectionately known since the late 80s when his good friend my mentor at the time went round to the house in St Marys Street Mosside to fix an amp that had been short circuited by a mouse my next encounter with Rosey was indirect when a few months later he sent The Pepper Hill Gang round to our successful shubeen to lock us off so he could hold a party with no competition he couldn’t come himself because as I said my mentor was his good friend.

Like most of my social circle I used to see Rosey daily around the hood but as a bigger man and a dangerous man I never had reason to deal with him plus my dan them were Rosey’s prento. Up until Rosey”s incarceration he was active in the hood and when he went to jail I felt the lost to the community like everyone else a well known figure had gone but its only looking back you realise the impact that Rosey getting locked up had on Mosside, Manchester and English sound system.

The last two years of Rosey”s life, after his release from prison after sixteen years thats when Tony Rose and I became friends and that when I decided to try and document just some of the life of this truly legendary man with interviews from his friends family and significant members of the sound system community.

Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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