Steve Levy and #TeamHate

Steve Levy and #TeamHate

Exposing pieces of shit

The above video is Canadian national Steve levy being beat in Jamaica by the owner of his former sound. This  attack was orchestrated by a group of people who callthemselves team hate image ,team hate was started by the dawg shit Maria Carr Lady Lyriacal and her white  superemacist friend from South America called Luis Seranno her and Serranno spend their time in reggae forums like Sound Clash Fraternity and Uk Sound System on Facebook attacking black people they attacked Ricky Trooper it was team hate that was responsible for Ricky Trooper Prank call they also attacked Babyface via Facebook among others. Over the years team hate has recruited other none blacks like Guyanese Indian Rowan Khalifa owner of tek 9 New York the admin for the sound Sound Clash Fraternity.

Tek 9 owner and member Of team hate

Tek 9 owner and member Of team hate

Alarmingly these racists have now started to recruit house niggas to their team hate self hating blacks like the owner of from Florida.

G pow firemixradio owner and team hate capo

r G pow firemixradio owner and team hate capo

The most recent member of #Teamhate is daughter of veteran sound owner Gladdy Wax  Taleba Wax.

Taleba Wax

Taleba Waxing people batty

too be continued

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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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