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buju banton

I remember everybody and his dog a bun fire on Ricky Trooper after the prank call where he stated he was willing to take batty man money for playing dance and I remember Steve Levy getting bun out after a edited private phone conversation was put into the public domain and I also remember the beating that dumb niggers from Jamaica gave him as a result of this fake conversation now the following 2 incidents against 2 black people were perpetrated and ocastrated by the same white person. The same person that stole from me the same person that informed on me and other  people the same person who can been seen on youtube openly practicing devilism but no one don’t bun her out I don’t know if its cause y’all are fraid or if you just agree with the fuckery this is why I put a white person on my sound cause it breaks my heart to work with bad mind hypocritical house niggers pretending to be unified, I don’t expect nothing from a white person but betrayal so when they rob an steal from me it dos’nt hurt like when my own do it. 98% of yall in sound system are dumb niggers with no morality and no love for yourself.


Now I know its the 21st century and I know that 99% of the people in the business don’t know about the code of the streets so we cant expect them to adhere to it, police informing is ok , disrespecting woman is ok, stealing off your friend is ok, along with devil worshipping anything that wasnt ok in the  1980/90s is ok now. They pretending to bun up Trooper but really most of them who fought him are secretly gay themselves I only ever heard once a story bout Buju beat up some gay who lived near him in Kingston thats the only time I ever heard of an anti gay physical attack.


Addies a work with police

I dont care bout gay cause no man a fuck me and I will never be in that situation I dont care bout gay cause unlike these police batty man aint killing us in the 1000s however I do care and know first hand about the use of excessive force by these police I do know about police corruption racism the killing of un armed black men in England aswell as in America and I care. I care cause the people they are killing could be me could be my family my friends could be my link from New York who I talk to online could be my nephew or niece or one of my many cousins I care cause the people they are killing at a rate of one a day look just like me. So imagine my shock and suprise when after an exchange on facebook a serving Florida police office by the name of Karren Gilzen disclosed to me in an attempt to intimidate me that he was police on top of that he went on to tell me how he makes alot of money streaming clash’s yes a Florida Police man is the promotor of King Addies dances….


King Addies was built on the blood of Brooklyn people. The name Brooklyn the name 90s New Lox aint no play pen so how the fuck in 2016 does the great King Addies the ambassador of New York be getting paid off of the police in these times when America Police have made it clear that they are the enemy of us how does King Addies find themselves in a position that our enemies pay their bills. I understand KingPin aint bout that life I understand we would not expect him to change from being a boy to a man cause he playing bad mon sound but whats the owners excuse and really do we have to ask the question how long has Addies been taking money from police ???

VRA             IMG_1597

Now don’t get this ting twisted like a guy fake locks Leng the promotor of Sting is  Jamaica police but everybody knows Jamaica Police and America Police are two different police yes Jamaica Police murder people however 90% of the time it is people who are known gangsters whether they deserve to dead is another story for another day. America police have declared war on the innocent and un-armed regardless of colour so to have a sound like Addies te sound that represents New York taking money from these police is past sad.

Let me give Addies the benefit of the doubt even though they willingly work with a known devil worshipor I understand cause to identify yourself as the Billboard sound and have so many dub from illuminati members I guess some fowl shit went down and we all know Matterhorn a move funny so lets say Addies boss never know Police a send him chidren to school and a buy him wife  draws however he knows now so lets see what him do…..


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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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