Happy New Year

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Playmaker number 1

Happy New Year from Playmaker sound, it’s a joy to be finishing the year as the UK,s number 1 international sound killer. In January 2016 we were booked to clash in Jamaica in the International Cup Clash against King Eternity  ?? Royalty ?? Brother Hype  ?? Mountain High ??  Even though King Eternity and Brother Hype chose not to participate we dispatched Royalty AND Moutain High with ease showing our class with new selector Baba Arch bringing his own unique take to the proceedings. Luv Injection then in March tried to follow Playmakers success abroad and went to New York to Clash Soul Supreme ultimately Soul Supreme sent Luv Injection back to UK in a box ? Next to look for glory abroad was King Tubbys from London who managed to beg 3 dates in the USA and flopped every single one most notable Irish and Chins World Clash where their performance went down in soundclash history as one of the worst World Clash performances next to Classique in 2003. Finally we have Platinum Cartel from London flew to New York to clash in Global Clash however sadly the dance was ended prematurely by the NYPD due to licensing issues with the venue however it’s safe to say Based on Platinum Cartels first round and the crowd response that they had very little chance of winning that contest. As we end the year I would just like to say thank you for all y’all support and hate it has been a pleasure see you in 2017…

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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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