Jamaica In Crisis

Jamaica In Crisis

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So Jamaica people you took fuckery to a whole new level in 2017. With the present state of Jamaica, I peronally don’t feel its time for carnival and celebration. Jamaica should be national mourning over the recent trend of murdering and violating the females. The indiscriminate slaughter and rape of countless women and female children over the past month are not acceptable for a country that is governed and presided over by the most powerful countries in the western hemisphere. Jamaica people article one of the Jamaica independence act 1962 clearly states

1.41) As from the sixth day of August, nineteen hundred and sixty-two (in this Act referred to as “the appointed day”), Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom shall have no responsibility for the government of Jamaica.

UK Privy Council

The government of Jamaica was given independence, not the people the people of Jamaica are still the responsibility of the United Kingdom and if you have any doubt that’s why the highest court in Jamaica is situated in London The UK Privy Council. If the UK can intervene in Jamaica legislation then the UK should be compelled especially in these times of real crisis to act to remedy the situation.

Mark Sheilds

UK sent Mark Sheilds from Scotland Yard to Jamaica to combat the corruption and crime implementing laws like Jamaica is the UK causing endless suffering to countless poor people by targeting so-called “small crimes” like personal ganja possession and vending without any regard for the long-term ramifications.


The United States that great nation that voted in Donald Trump as president in 2016 permanently located an FBI field office in Jamaica to tackle the Lottery Scam that several of their citizens have fallen victim to losing millions of US dollars.

Showa Dudus

Let us not forget the Tivoli incursion where the USA, the UK along with the Jamaica defense force , bombed and murdered innocent civilians to arrest Christoper Coke for crimes America claims he did none of them were the rape and murder of innocent children and women.

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