Respect To Sir Coxsone

Exposing pieces of shit

From the British voted Brexit and the yanks voted for Trump there has been an air of tension between negro’s and crackers. White people have without a doubt become more outspoken on issues of race with racially motivated crime on the rise and this as per usual is reflected in our culture. Recently David Rodigan gave an interview on UK mainstream television (video below) I personally did not and have not watched the interview however veteran sound owner and pioneer Sir Loydie Coxsone took great offence to Rodigan and the lies he was telling (video below). 

Sir Coxsone

Sir Coxsone stated that there was 500 sounds in the UK or 500 that he knows of however can someone please tell me how come it was Coxsone alone that addressed the lies Rodigan was talking let me answer from my own personal experience and the words of Sir Coxsone “you people love white people too much” , which is a fact I exploited to the fullest this colonial mindset we have in UK where we fight and kill our own and allow Rodigan to declare him is Godfather of UK soundsystem but he has never owned a sound.

This Rodigan situation is especially interesting to me as I had a Rodigan on my own sound from 2010 until 2013. I employed a white person and I taught fed clothed and put a roof over her and her child’s head only to paid back with racism.

Our fore-parents

Ignorant people are of the belief that because some one has a mulatto child that means they can’t be racist. From  Africa these people have desired and lusted after us while at the same time  torturing and  imprisoning us. So you people that believe that because she and Rodigan have cross breed children and play reggae music they can’t be racist.


Uk Skinheads

In the 70/80s in the UK there was a movement called skinheads openly racist men and women that loved reggae music but hated niggas. For those that have never lived in UK the way UK do racism is special, it’s not like USA racism, racism in the UK is an accepted inherent part of UK society which the authorities have acknowledged they cannot do anything about.

Alf Garnet sitcom character

There is no reason why and Rodigan would not be racist they both came from homes where their fathers openly shared his views on “niggers and coons” like most fathers  of that era  it was acceptable to use the term  nigga, wog and coon. Just like we in our community sometimes we use derogatory terms when talking about other cultures outside our own however we do not allow our personal  opinions determine our actions like them.

Racist Playing Reggae

Today in 2017 there is no negro owned sounds with white people employed on them. White people do not and will not work for negros in reggae music they will start there own with other white people rather than work for a nigger. The gal put more energy into destroying my sound than she ever did try to build it she wrote more statements to the police in the past three years than anything she ever did for Playmaker. So next time you around these people, these white guys like Don Ranking in Canada who voiced Gregory Issacs Stay far from my fender nasty nigger or Shatta Paul and his neo nazi friend dem or David Rodigan who looks down on black people or this gal who who has fallen out with EVERY nigga she has EVER encountered in reggae from Africa to Jamaica ask yaself do you feel love ??


P.s. Run-an-gone is the correct name for this guy as this guy run an gone an left reggae and soundsystem culture. Rodigan only plays reggae music when required not as a rule Rodigan’s choosen form of music is UK Grime or some other form of music that is not reggae and you can’t book Rodigan fi clash unless you name Chin and ya friend name Irish.





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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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