DRake & Popcaan Fag song (UK listen here)

DRake & Popcaan Fag song (UK listen here)

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Easter in a Rome this morning I woke to news of Drake and Popcaan had made a song together and the song was very gay so out of curiosity I clicked on the Youtube link and to my surprise the video was blocked in my the part of the world due to copyright grounds this now arose my curiosity some more because if it was fake it would not be banned under copyright it would just be removed under copyright, not unavailable in my part of the world but available in others, After changing my IP I acquired a copy of the song (listen below) To me it sounds fake only because the Drake verse is from WizKid Ft Drake (listen below) however the fact it’s not been removed under breach of copyright makes me believe it’s official but it’s a leak its probably fake news who knows but for all who can’t watch it….

Youtube Video

Audio: Popcaan x Drake My Chargie


MP4 Teef of the Youtube Video

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