Fake Jews oF Facebook And The Assault On Me

Fake Jews oF Facebook And The Assault On Me

Exposing pieces of shit

In 2015 I was forced to join Facebook because the person I removed off of Playmaker in 2014 had created a fake Facebook page and was on Fakebook pretending to be me messaging my friends. I was made aware of this when a friend visited my address with a pint of milk claiming I had asked her to bring it round after I messaged her on Facebook. When contacted Facebook failed to remove the fake profile forcing me to join the site in order to alert people of the fakery that Facebook refused to address. While attempting to clear my name and notify the public of this fake profile and the people behind it Facebook decided to take sides and continually block me from posting for 30 days on the site claiming I violated the Terms Of The Community. While banning me for none violent none sexual content Facebook allowed people to live stream rape, racism, and physically abuse for several periods of time even allowing the same people who reported me to post 15 minutes videos attacking me and my character however if I simply wrote the names of Mr super coon and miss slurp slurp (not there real names) my account will be automatically suspended literally within 5 minutes why are these people so special that facebook has set up an automatic keyword safeguard on my account to protect these people. In 2015 Facebook took it to a new level by offering my personal information to the UK police in there second failed attempt at trying to set me up to go jail. So far to date Facebook have suspended me for approximately  1 and a half years of the two years I have been on the site this year 2017 I have incurred three separate 30 day bans. Facebook is trying to stop my continuity no matter what I write they me ban for 30 days and now have stopped issuing me with a reason they’re actions against me are blatant and obvious. I have come to the the realization that they will not permanently exclude me from the site no matter what I write about Zukerburg or his co conspirators the purpose of Facebook is to observe and gather information as much as they don’t like my opinion it still counts to them.

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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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