Scarface Addresses Ricky Trooper  Prank Call

Scarface Addresses Ricky Trooper Prank Call

Exposing pieces of shit
[product id=”99″]Let me clarify for the history books the now infamous Ricky Trooper pranked call was not a product of Playmaker sound it was recorded by Lady Lyrical, Maria Carr  in 2011 online at Vibes Reggae Arena chatroom on Paltalk without the knowledge or consent of Playmaker management.  Looking back with hindsight I can say that the prank call was a deliberate attempt by “outside forces”  to discredit one of reggae music and black cultures biggest and most influential figures.


Without a doubt, Ricky Trooper has been the most imitated, inspirational entertaining characters in reggae sound system bringing us Garnet Silk and Sizzla Kalonji to name a small few.



The prank call audio was originally recorded in 2011 and distributed by the cassette man Mikey Glamour on his Soundcloud page with a disclaimer that he didn’t know how authentic it was. Chin from Irish and Chin received the audio the same year and addressed it on his Sound Chat Radio show in an attempt to embarrass Trooper due to the now infamous Ricky Trooper drunken Youtube rant where Trooper burns fyah! on Garfield Bourne aka Chin calling him a “batty boy” and exposing Chin’s relationship with Jamaican comedian Keith Shebadda Ramsey, also Muturburuka the great Jamaican Rasta social commentator addressed it in 2011 on his show the Cutting Edge. The audio was used against Trooper on several occasions throughout the years in soundclashes however it did not gain its current notoriety until it was animated by GanjaCityStudio the studio for Playmaker sound and picked up by one of Jamaica’s top pop culture programs On Stage.


GanjaCityStudio animated the audio on behalf of  Playmaker in 2013 due to Trooper after already been paid a 50 percent deposit reneged on the deal for the second time took to Facebook to slander the owner of Playmaker to cover his bad shortcomings. The first dance that was scheduled in 2012 with Trooper and Playmaker was canceled due to Trooper demanding full payment a month before the date due to the fact Trooper was suppose to go WAR INA EAST in Europe but he didn’t have any money for new song. It was after this dance cancel that Maria Carr and her friends in VRA decided to attack and destroy the character of Ricky Trooper. Anyone that is familiar with VRA  chat room will be aware that over the years they have made several prank calls to several figures in black culture all orchestrated and overseen by a white woman.

The decision was made to animate and put the prank call on Youtube  after Trooper refused to play the second dance without stipulations that Lady Lyrical was not on Playmaker sound the reason being that Trooper and she were in some kind of Skype relationship and after Trooper found out that his private conversations were not private he took great offence at which point the management of Playmaker sound hired Jamaican selector Baba Arch, however, this was not enough for Trooper due to the hurt to his pride and the dance was canceled at great expense. When the date of the clash was approaching the date of the clash Trooper put up a statement on popular social networking site Facebook disrespecting the owner of Playmaker even though it was the illicit actions of Trooper that caused the break down of the event.

 The realisation that bigger forces were at work and it was not just someone pranking someone else for a joke but an attack on our culture from people who have been sent to destroy our culture we reached out to Trooper but on seeing that Trooper had decided to still keep friends with Maria Carr even after the prank and after it had been revealed that Carr was practicing witch craft on the black community so zero fucks given for Garfield Mckoy without a doubt sound system culture misses Ricky Trooper but we need leaders with integrity and honesty to lead the children not  someone who is willing to sell his soul for 4000 euro. 


Before most of us knew about conspiracy theories we knew about the mystery surrounding Garnet Silk’s death. Trooper brought Silk and Sizzla to the worlds attention so why wouldn’t the same people that killed Silk target Trooper why wouldn’t the same people that Sizzla has been fighting from he was a boy attack the person the brought him? if i show you evidence of and rather than take heed you turn on me then what is due to you may it you receive. There are devils among us with only one intention, Ricky Trooper was not the first to be targeted and he wont be the last 

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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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