Franky Paul Dead

Franky Paul Dead

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Franky Paul dead after several years of sickness reggae dancehall super star is dead. The Jamaica Star newspaper reported that tributes for Franky Paul were led on Twitter by white boy David Rodigan from England so why weren’t tributes for Jamaican reggae star Franky Paul led from Jamaica ?

Wayne Lonesome & Franky Paul

The only Jamaican in Jamaica that supported Franky Paul in the years before his death apart from his family noticeably was Wayne Lonesome. The reason for this is as I clearly remember Franky Paul was involved in some  child molestation argument that led to him leaving Jamaica and being ostracized in the dancehall reggae community for several years until people in UK and USA began to embrace him and his music again in the mid 21st Century.

Fadda Pow Stone Love Owner

I clearly remember Franky Paul dominating every cassette from Jamaica I clearly remember loving Franky Paul’s music along with everyone else but what I remember even clearer is the way Jamaica fell out of love with Franky Paul I remember literally over night every sound in Jamaica stoped playing Franky Paul’s music and I remember why.

Cure, Seville, Michael

David Rodigan a white man from UK leading the tributes to Franky Paul is ironic. In the U.K.  there was a superstar called Jimmy Savile who for decades fucked people’s  children and for decades the British establishment Rodigan and his peers ignored this man’s actions the same as Jamaica people ignored Jah Cures actions a convicted rapist or ignored the fact that George Micheal was a batty man but still embraced his music while claiming to be homophobic.

Lets see who comes out in these times bawling for Franky I already noticed some hypocrisy let’s watch and see who an who ago expose themselves as pussy in a real life…

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