Manchester Attack

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Manchester my place last night suffered a tragedy that will be hard to get over unlike the previous so called terror attack by the IRA this was very very real with 22 dead so far. 22 peoples children dead  in a venue where I frequent all the while Manchester arena or M.E.N as we call it is a place I have been taking my child to for over 2 decades and when I say my heart truly goes out to all from the families of the deceased to all who some how were affected. I know that feeling all to well at the end of a good concert going home with my daughter recapping the nights events looking at cell phone footage taken in the venue I can not begin to imagine the feelings that those helpless children felt last night some seeing sights they never ever thought they would see in real life mangled bodies decapated limbs. I as a realist understand the fight I understand western policy’s in the Middle East have cost 100,000’s of life’s but this is just wrong targeting children is wrong on every level. IS the sane people that hate you hate me but this is wrong and I condemn this action on every level you can’t be claiming to be more than people when you lower yourself to the worst possible level you can by targeting children. There we’ll be no peace and no redemption for these actions against the innocent.

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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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