Youtube A’ Move Fuck UUpp !!

Youtube A’ Move Fuck UUpp !!

Exposing pieces of shit

Watch Original Video Removed By Youtube.

Youtube flagged one of my videos on Playmaker sound Youtube channel stating that it was cyber bullying. There are a selection of specials/dubs that were originally voiced by the owner of the sound for Maria Carr, Lady Lyrical to play when she was a part of the sound. Since being removed from the sound we have heard several Playmaker dubs illegally edited played by Carr with Playmaker  name taken out these dubs  that are the sole property of Playmaker sound bought voiced and paid for entirely by the sound owner with zero contribution from any other financial or other. In order  to alert the public of this fraud Playmaker sound has been posting these dubs on to Youtube with a statement. However white people have used their white privilege to get a Sizzla dub/special that was voiced for Playmaker sound removed off of youtube (video below) on the grounds that the content was meant to harass. White people planted a racist seed in the minds of the white people on Youtube and when they listened to the dub and heard “lyrical is a white gal she a kill drum pan”  not understanding sound clash culture along with the racist manipulation they had no choice but to remove the dub. Strangely when I tried to appeal Youtube wouldn’t allow me the opportunity to interesting taking into account the specialized  treatment I receive from Facebook…. That means that all dub/customs can be flagged for cyber bullying taking into consideration the fact that is not a dub dissing but bigging up !!

Video Of Youtube A’ Move Fuck Up !!

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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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