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Recently Prodigy from one of my favourite Hip-Hop groups of all time MOBB DEEP died. Mobb was our music me and my friends in Manchester England grew on MOBB from Mobb we listened CNN, Tragedy Khadafi, Cormega Littles. When anyone famous dies the conspiracy theories start especially someone like Prodigy who decided to speak out on the so called “Illuminati” and those that run society. Prodigy rose to fame talking gangster shit street shit with veiled references to secret societies it was only later in his career he started to really talk directly and open about life and those that manipulate it and this is why many many people think Prodigy was killed. I do not care if Prodigy was killed I am too busy mourning my fore parents from 250 years ago. Prodigy just like 2PAC and many many many more sold his soul for fame. You cannot be in the system getting paid by the system and talk out against  the system you cannot collect the dutty money and when your conscience takes you give it back or denounce those that paid you. If you get woke after you have already done slept then go back to sleep. 

There are 100s of videos on Ps death on Youtube the 2 below are the first and only 2 I watched these videos inspired me to write this blog for different reasons the main reason is P talking about how these people gonna attack us and as I am someone who has had direct contact with an Illuminati agent Maria Carr who was sent to infiltrate reggae sound system culture this is the first time I heard someone talking about the actual events that happened to me personally. The main thought I had while watching P talk knowledge was how similar he was to myself and how similar he was to 2PAC and that’s when the reality kicked in these 2 amazingly talent negros P and Pac were kept away from each other by the system the same system they both knew was corrupt the same system they both knew was against negros they allowed to keep them apart go and listen to Pac and P very ver very intelligent Negros before the knowledge of self how do you have s much knowledge of self and still fall into the age old trap of divide and rule. Imagine if Pac and P came together instead of being enemies. It takes great intelligence to make music on the level of P and Pac what would of P and Pac become if there was no Hip Hop one thing I can definitely say is if there was no Hip Hop both of these influential negros would still be alive today.


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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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