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I write this blog to my Negro brothers and sisters and true reggae/dancehall fans of all races all over the world looking from the outside in at the UK and I would like to assure you that the UK is no fish bowl. The sounds involved and the patrons of UK rumble 2017 do not represent the UK they represent that section of the UK that support homosexuality whether that be because they partake in the practice of fucking man in them batty or they enjoy the lifestyle. I have not said at any time for people to boycott the UK RUMBLE 2017 it is your choice to knowingly go to a soundclash at a gay club however in our community there are many people who would not be comfortable to attend a gay club regardless if the event was not a gay event. There are those in our community that would have preferred this information to of been kept a secret and have taken to attacking me in support of the LGBT  community. (Facebook posts at end)


This blog is harder than the previous because as always the UK REGGAY FRATERNITY lead by the chief black lesbian has taken to Facebook to attack me as a Negro sound system owner in support of the homosexuals again these black fag dick sucking fake rastas and these carpet munchin pussy sucking lesbians you see on social media do not represent the UK sound system fraternity they represent the fags and lesbo’s and the fact that they chose to attack me on open forum while supporting homosexuality is proof of their low morality. I have never asked for anybody to boycott the UK Rumble the same as I have never encouraged anybody to bun batty man or burn witches in my time in reggae music but you faggots and lesbians want to attack me for standing up for my beliefs that were passed on from my ancestors, beliefs and morals that are at the forefront of this culture you want to attack me for en-lightning people with the same beliefs as me that you plan to keep a reggae sound system event in a homosexual nightclub .


I don’t give a fuck if every prime time TV show from UK Eastenders to USA Power promote homosexuality I don’t give a fuck if Alkaline is your icon in music and he chooses to support homosexuality so you do too I don’t give a fuck that yall love Shebadda I don’t give a fuck that homosexuality is legal in the UK because when I was born it wasn’t. The same as I don’t care its the same as these supports of homosexuality in our culture don’t care about where they are taking our music our culture the same as I don’t give a fuck is the same as these guys don’t give a fuck where they lead our black culture to while wearing the locks of Rastafari and claiming to be righteous.


Rasta principle follows the bible Leviticus 18 “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” is set in stone you cannot be a rasta and support the act of homosexuality this is not open for discussion or debate however you have people who claimed to be rasta leading this UK REGGAY FRATERNITY into this homosexual club to play reggae. This debut is as much a moral debate as one of religious conviction.


You have artists like Queen Ifrica, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, Capleton to name a few who have made great sacrifices to uphold the morality, decency, and integrity of our culture artist that have refused money for concerts because they refuse to denounce their beliefs beforehand where’s the solidarity you will voice their dubs but you won’t stand beside them in the Gideon. The UK REGGAY FRAT has decided to attack me in support of the LGBT community I am now urging  all artists in our culture not to voice no dubs for the sounds involved in UK RUMBLE these sounds don’t care that you have forfeited money that you needed to feed your children in order to stand up for this culture and its principles these sounds don’t care that your progression was halted in the music business because of your morals and principles these sounds and the patrons in the UK  RUMBLE don’t give a fuck that you cannot come to the Uk  to perform for your fans these people who openly tell you it’s ok to sell out your principles and beliefs and culture so that they can have a good show do not represent the majority just the few.

If you love black culture please share this article lets expose these people trying to bring down our culture from within claiming they are the voice of morality.










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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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