Ever Changing Times

Ever Changing Times

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The video above is of rapper and mogul and negus icon Master P standing up for his principles and morals. Recently New York rapper Prodigy from the rap group The Infamous Mobb Deep passed away so the BET Awards decided to honour his memory however as Master P exposes when Progidy was alive BET did not honour him. I have been listening to Master P since going to Atlanta in 1997 and its so refreshing to see that no matter how much money he has or how much money he may lose he still sticks to his principles the sad truth is that has time goes on in our reggae community and the financial crunch starts to take a bite forgetting your moral stance for a signature on a  JACAP document in exchange for 10,s of 1000s USD doesn’t seem so bad for most artiste Sizzla, Capleton, Beenie Man, to name a few have all decided to set aside their moral stance and integrity for a slice of American pie and the truth is nobody can blame them but at the same time don’t turn your back on your original goal. Who in our community in a position like Master P  would trod them road for us in 2017 Sean Paul Jnr Gong ?


In the UK annually they have an award show called the MOBO Awards Music Of Black Origin this award show is shown live on television and every year for the pass 4 years they have never shown the winner of the reggae category if you want to see the winner you have to go on to Youtube. To date no reggae artiste boycotts this award show, the fact that they can show UK people such blatant disrespect year on year and nobody does not say anything is a testament to how low we have gone.

Ricky Trooper @CVM

The more the moral decline sets in is the more I see the devil’s influence in our culture The Ricky Trooper Prank Call by Maria Carr in VRA chatroom in 2011 was a turning point in our history when it was confirmed to the world  on CVM TV by Trooper that it was him  on the Prank Call and yes he now after 30 years of recorded homophobia is willing to accept homosexuality.  I remember everybody and his dog having something to say Chin was the first to talk about it on his Soundchat Radio show so how the fuck in 2017 are Chin’s actions of holding a soundclash in a gay club actions ok?   Bounty Killer, Sizzla Tony Matterhorn to name a few whom were also very vocal at the time now fast forward to 2017  a Rasta keeps a soundclash in one of the UKs leading gay clubs and you can’t hear a word from anybody no Sizzla no Capleton and most notably Bounty Killa. Bounty Killers response to being made aware of his music was being played in a gay club you can see below maybe Killer only have words for females in 2017. 


Take what you want from Killers response the same messages that were sent to Killer were also sent to Sizzla, Capleton and Ifrica and they weren’t obscene or explicit and with the soul intention to enlighten people to what I personally say is bigger than Trooper hypothetically agreeing  to play for gays “if the price is right!” this was an actual event that happened in an actual gay club that was partitioned off so one side the gays were partying on the other side was the soundclash when the music went off you could hear the other people partying and to top it off the promotor was a man who would identify as a Rasta so you would at least expect some of the Rasta community to speak up on dreddy Chin’s actions but no because dreddy Chin is them fren and them linky dreddy Chin a mek them eat. The more I see the moral decline set in the more I see corruption and false prophets. Anybody who grew up in the ghetto will know Rasta as someone to look up to in respect of morality, in 2017 sadly that can not be said.

DM From Acclaim Media


A lady I admire and respect for her work ethic and the way she carries herself in the culture messaged me in support of Irish & Chin making some uneducated assumptions and failing to understand the principles of Garvey and the immorality of Chin’s actions if it was anybody else I would of cussed  however I respect Flair so I will allow har and her lost self. Why am I in the wrong for highlighting Chins action of keeping clash in gay club. There are 100s of people that if they would have known beforehand the venue was a gay club never would have gone to the event and there were 100s of clash fans that were alienated by Chin’s decision. Am I missing something because I don’t go to dances regularly I hire people to play my sound but is the video below just the norm in dances today, is my censorship not warranted?

I put a female on my sound in 2010 because of this gay agenda I have seen creeping into our culture I confronted Chin live on his show about his decision to not put a female in world clash at that time Tasha Roses did a shot but Lady Lyrical because of Playmaker was on fire. Chin badmind me sound and deprived the world of a real historical soundclash moment because of the same dead pussy you see on UK rumble are the same people that were whispering in Chins ear to not put Playmaker in world clash. The truth is you don’t know which sound man a fuck which promotor when Tupac said Quincy Jones a try fuck him you would never have believed that until Pac said it so we only speculate based on the facts.



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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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