Manchester One Love Concert Who Is Benefiting???

Manchester One Love Concert Who Is Benefiting???

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I write this blog from Manchester England 9 miles from the scene of the horrific attack on the children of this nation. Today Thursday the 1st of June one week and 4 days after the tragedy at the Manchester Arena tickets went on sale for an Ariana Grande benefit concert for the survivors and victims and were sold out within 6 minutes. Due to the fact it was Ariana Grande’s concert that was targeted she decided she was going to come back to Manchester to do another show which sounds sincere and heartfelt but then Katty Perry, Coldplay, Usher,Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Blackeyed Peas, Pharrell Williams and whoever else have decided to join her the names that I mentioned above are worth net 0ver 1 billion US dollars Coldplay alone are worth 475 million net the security bill is gonna be in the half millions pound it has been reported that the concert will raise nearly 2 million dollars for the victims and survivors.

Eminem Rapper

Eminem alone has raised more than 2 million USD so surely it would be better for the artists that say they want to be involved in raising money or better still just give their money. If they gave 500 thousand each that would more than surpass the money the concert would raise without putting people at risk and allowing the police to get back to doing their job of finding the rest of the killers.


Wheres, the morality people have not even been buried yet people are still in the hospital unaware that their love ones are even dead there are people still missing. Ariana Grande in a rush to capitalize on this tragedy and continue on with her tour has rushed this concert through and through this little girl from America is being allowed to come to our city and rush our grief for her and her friends benefit.

TWO Million USD

It’s the artists who benefit from this concert what’s 2 million dollars compared to the people that are not ready to attend a concert who are going to force themselves to go what’s 2 million to the 1000s of worried parents who will be forced to take their kids to the concert in fear what’s 2 million dollars compared to the amount of publicity these so called celebrities are getting at present for this kind and generous action.

Manchester Acts

How is there a concert happening in Manchester to benefit Manchester people that does not involve Manchester artists who we have many many many? Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Oasis, New Order, The Smiths, Finley Quaye to name a few.

eBay Advert

Why were the tickets for a benefit concert not free why didn’t Ariana Grande foot the bill with her net of 35 million USD or why didn’t all the artists who were performing club together and cover all the costs and truly give something to the people of Manchester? Manchester people have had to find 40 pounds each for tickets after already giving millions to the appeal and then to top it off sadly people who attended the original concert were supposed to get free entry into the benefit concert however due to the unfair system those  that bought resale tickets have not been able to gain free entry tickets due to they were not the registered purchaser and its the same system that has seen people buying the benefit concert tickets just to make a profit no doubt leaving someone with true intentions without a ticket. Tell Ariana from Manchester she can keep who crumbs…


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