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[product id=”99″]If you live in the UK right now the place feels like it has turned upside down with attacks on Manchester my town and London the capital city allegedly coming from ISIS personally I have no opinion on her is or is not to blame as always the conspiracy theories are rife. I can say that with the recent referendum held for the UK to leave the European Union the UK, in general, became a lot more openly racist with a significant rise in racially motivated incidents.

This is the truth about England in the 21st Century England it is still a very racist country and with the recent incidents of violence in Manchester and London allegedly by Islamic State that racism has increased 10 fold. This morning I woke up and I viewed a tweet from Ricky Turbo from Canada “white supremacist your daughter love us”  this just reminded of my personal experience at the hands of a white supremacists daughter a man that used to call hs daughter “a black man sperm bucket” and a “nigger lover”. The truth is they don’t love us they love our music they might love fucking us but they don’t love us they might have mix breed children but their actions show us they don’t love us we don’t even love ourselves so how we expect these people that were raised to hate us love us.

The truth

Since Donald Trump America had to wake up to the reality that we in the UK have lived with for decades that these white people don’t like us for real. The perpetrators of these attacks were known and reported to the police  by their peers and the police did nothing which to me seems unthinkable because when a white racist woman reported me to this same police maliciously they found money and time to terrorize me for 3 years even after being found not guilty in a British court of law they asked Facebook to assist them in this state sponsored terrorism and all the while the Manchester bomber just 5 miles away was plotting and planning to kill people’s children if the police would have put just 10% of the energy that they put into trying to arrest into investigating the concerns of the Muslim community just maybe 22 people would be alive today.

Refugee Boat Crisis

Before Britain voted to leave the European Union we in the UK were inundated  with images of the refugee boat crisis every single day every single newscast and now nothing, not one news story not one appeal nothing now we are flooded in the UK with images of London and Manchester and the alleged incidents that occurred but it’s the same rhetoric the UK voted to leave white Europe, however, reported incidents of racism towards people of dark skin rose significantly from Africans being told “GO BACK TO AFRICA” to Muslim women getting their hajibs forcefully removed and now the Muslims are under attack again with the term “I am not racist but!” being used in conversions now more than ever.

The video above is the poster boy of racist England Enoch Powell who supposedly predicted the events of modern times however when he was speaking he was speaking about the blacks the niggas and the pakis from the colonies that England captured that were allowed into the UK to work during the Windrush era. This same speech is what is used today in 2017 by the sons and daughters of those that first supported Enoch.

One Love Concert

Have no doubt England is proud racist before sporting events these people sing with great pride Rule Britania which contains the lines Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves! Britons never, never, never shall be slaves”. The recent benefit concert held in my town by Ariana Grande was a show of white unity, not Manchester’s Unity come to Manchester and you will see negros and asians dominate Manchester this concert was spot the black. I would be wrong to talk about the issue of racism and the UK without talking about the racist Asian shop owners and overtly racist Asian taxi drivers that if you are in a major city will not stop for you if you are a Negro no matter if you have on suit and tie or a track suit and you will find very few if any Negro people in the UK that would disagree . I have a good friend that has  who is an artist of mixed parentage that was charged with racism because a Pakistani taxi driver made a false allegation of racial abuse to the police and the police sided with the taxi driver and wrongly persecuted my friend the UK police are all to eager to pursue Negros. This country is so racist that none white people discriminate against black skinned people on the grounds of race however now that the Muslims are under attack they are looking to us the Negro community for support but there is none your on your own like we was for all these decades.

The two videos above and below are from Liverpool UK one of the most segregated places in the UK a black child Anthony Walker was murdered here for walking with a white girl. The views that are shared in the videos below are not the views of a selected few but widely shared opinions of those in the UK of all ages. These two videos are sad on many levels the fact theses people feel the need to express their frustration at any and all Muslims is unnecessary the Muslim community reported their concerns and the police chose to ignore them so what more can the Muslim community do.



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Written by Real Scarface

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