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Witchcraft Video

The video above was removed off of Youtube yesterday after 4 years after Maria Carr the person you see in the video repeatedly bombarded Youtube with threats below is the notification Youtube sent me before they removed it. If you go onto Youtube you will see millions of videos speculating on the Illuminati a million videos claiming that this person killed this person, how many videos are there on Youtube claiming Snoop Dogg killed Pac, however, none of these videos YouTube removes. The one video on Youtube that actually shows Illuminati/Satanism in action gets removed. My video did not say this is Maria Carr Lady Lyrical practising witchcraft my video stated that this video was sent to me by Maria Carr with the date nothing else it did not say this is Maria Carr practising satanism or anything of that nature.

Youtube request

From I removed Maria Carr aka Lady Lyrical from Playmaker in 2014 for racism she has continued to show her hatred towards me and why do you ask does this white hate me so much is it as she claims I beat her or is that I threatened to throw acid in her mullatto daughters face. Does this white woman act like a person that has had her child threatened constantly in people’s DM scandalising me, in her VRA chat room for three years talking shit until EVERYBODY left because they had enough.

Maria Carrs Lies

If you were Carr a sickly white woman living on your own in a ground floor flat in Milton Keynes England with your child if I supposedly beat you for four years of your life would you go onto the internet trolling and antagonising me would you phone me telling me you gonna “make my life hell” would you have people defending me  attacked in real life and nearly murdered.

After several failed court cases where Carr and the police perjured themselves offering fake evidence to the court in an attempt to get me wrongfully convicted Carr has resulted to her original method of racism so far Carr has had two videos removed from Youtube and has me suspended off of Facebook more times than I can remember but Facebook allowed Carr and her coon friends below to continue scandalising me.

The 3 coons

The 3 coons above are the only people to repeat Carrs lies in a public forum these 3 all live in the USA and all have shown me publicly that they are willing to physically fight me to defend Carr and her lies.  Peter Henry, Randell Minot and Mad bernard  are 3 coons that sit in VRA chat room with Carr listening to Carrs lies even though they have all seen the witchcraft video they still sit with her even after Steve Levy nearly got beat to death they sit with her even after all the blacks left VRA chat room them alone sit with her why ? No white women or white men support Carr in her racism just three coons.

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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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