Rasta KKK Member

Rasta KKK Member

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There is nothing that I can write anymore relating to negro culture and these lost blacks. From Maria Carr VRA owner a practicing devil worshiper and racist operating without objection in our community to rasta Chin holding the first reggae sound clash in a UK gay night club with not even a raised eye lid from the reggae or Rasta community.

So the picture taken on Saturday in the USA at the KKK in Virginia rally should not be any surprise an active KKK member sporting Dread Locks a hair style in the west that is widely associated with the Rastafarian religion a religion that used be a sign of black rebellion against a racist system according to Bob Marley who has done more to spread Rasta and the principles of pasta throughout the world than anyone else.

In the 70s and 80s when Bob Marley was still alive you would never find any open member of any racist organisation wearing dreadlocks yes you would find them loving our music our food and our women but never sporting our hairstyles whether that be afro or otherwise. The picture of the KKK member feeling so comfortable in himself to wear a shirt marked KKK while wearing dreadlocks marks an all-time low in our culture and in Rasta. 

Bob Marley stated in 1979 dreadlocks meant dreadful among heathen’s and for a time rasta was very much that it was feared and respected but modern day times sadly rasta has become a joke the logo of cannabis like the swoosh is to Nike.  I make no apologies for my sentiment we as a people are here now because of us Rasta chose the moral high ground bunning fyah on the queen while worshiping Sellasie the queen’s friend. Man like Sizzla is so eloquent with his fair weather criticism of batty man and the system.

Rasta in 2017 is just fashion can anyone tell me outside of Jamaica when does Rasta have an opinion when Capleton and Sizzla leave Jamaica are they the same people you see in Jamaica bunning fyah? no they are not they are well-behaved reggae artiste who wants to get their pay and that’s a fact. This KKK batty ole has determined dreadlocks are nothing to do with the negro culture and are not a symbol of black rebellion that is how far Rasta has let us down that is how much presence Rasta has in 2017.

We lack morality as a people we lack unity we lack continuity this is an attack on all negro people  not just the so called Rastas. This ain’t someone blacking up for entertainment this is a lifestyle choice of a man that has decided that he publically and without reserve hates NIGGERS.








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Written by Real Scarface

I am the owner and founder of Playmaker sound

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